Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Break Trips...the weather held and we saw a lot

So the winter weather held on late into the season here in the Piedmont of NC.  We had to cancel the last day of Spring Break trips due to the weather...yes it was around 40F and around lunch came a great mix of rain and sleet.  Not great for canoeing a river.  But the other days were sunny and we made the most of it. 

Day one we paddled at Lake Michie.  Such a beautiful place with so many different features to see.  Below are some pictures from that day.

We paddled up to where the Flat River enters Lake Michie then we hiked up along the shore, passing rapids, cliffs, and ending up in a Bamboo forest.  This Bamboo is old and nothing else grows in that area so you feel like you could see a Panda come strolling through.  On our way back we paddled up a side creek by Spruce Pine Lodge and walked up the creek to some waterfalls.  It's like you are in the mountains, but you are only 25 minutes from downtown Durham.  Such a neat place northern Durham County.  I love it.
Day two we went for a hike in Hill Forest, which is NCSU's teaching forest for their Natural Resources Department.  Students come out there to get hands on experience in natural resource management, forestry, and wildlife management.  Many thanks to Joe Cox for allowing us to use the forest for our hike.  We explored and hiked and found lots of neat things, such as...


Cross the icey river challenge
So as you can see we found lots of animals, lots of beautiful spots, and of course fun things to do.  Once again all this is in wonderful Durham County.

Our last day was another canoe trip.  Due to water level and water temperature we chose to paddle from West Point on the Eno down to Penny's Bend.  The water level was perfect as we didn't have to do much work and the weather was pretty ideal, the calm before the storm I guess.  Here are some pics from this day.

Along the way we saw two beaver dams on side creeks, wildflowers, poison ivy, lots of birds, and we developed a fun new game called, Skunkape in the Forest, that will be getting played during Eno Discovery Summer Camp.  Fun, fun.  That's all for now.  More post soon to come.  As always check out our Instagram site, button near the top on the right of the page.  And we hope to see you out soon.