Tuesday, April 30, 2013

West Point Intersession Camp week was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that is right.  We had an awesome week of camp at West Point.  Still playing a little catch up with the blog, but that is alright.

From salamanders to magic crystals, we found all sorts of neat things out in the forest.  Exploration, exploration, exploration was the name of the game.  While the ticks were still sleeping and the poison ivy was not out we took advantage and spent a lot of time off trail with the kids.  We explored wetlands, old trash piles (treasures), springs, creeks, and animal trails.  Below are some pictures of what we saw and did.

Game time...Sock Wars!


Kids love pushing large rocks around

Found items during the day

Feeding Station
Kid's punishing counselor for making them push large rocks around for no reason


We've returned from the forest...time to reconnect with technology

Hey Everyone,
So we have been out of the office  running camps and trips and now we are trying to get ourselves back online.  Let me say that we had a great time during the intersession camps and trips despite the late season winter temperatures.  Now that we are back to the office it is 70 degrees and beautiful outside, what can you do?

So just a quick update on the things that you have missed, Intersession Camp at Northgate Park.  Here is a pic.


So we hiked in Ellerbee Creek, found treasures in the creek, played in the woods, found mysterious creatures in the forest, played games, and we can all say that we have explored Ellerbee Creek from where it flows under Roxboro Road all the way upstream to where it flows under Duke Street.  Lot of fun and lots of neat natural features to see.

Here are a couple more pictures from our Northgate Park week of Intersession. 

This was our first week of fun in the woods.  Stay tuned for a recap of our Intersession week at West Point on the Eno. 

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