Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Back......

What happened to us over the last month +, I don't know.  I would like to have a good excuse like I was on sabbatical or that aliens abducted me, but the simple truth is we slacked on the posting. 

We have had a lot of fun things that have happened and that we have seen, so here is a brief update of what has been going on. 

We had another Fishin' Frenzy.  This time the people showed up but the fish decided they were too full or sleepy to do much.  There were a couple of fish caught and a lot of patience was shown by the participants. Here are a couple of pictures.

Our next program was a Moonlight Paddle on Lake Michie.  Here are some pictures just at sunset...

We also had two Teens in Nature Programs in May.  Our first program we volunteered at the Duke Lemur Center.

So as you can see we did some work, cleaning up come of the habitat areas (glorified weeding). We had to go through tight security, past electric fences, and into the pens where the Lemurs stay in the winter.  The bottom right picture shows the happy Lemurs enjoying their cleaned out area. 

Next we went up to northern Durham County and learned about farming, mostly some work with the dairy cows and then some chicken wrangling (fun), barn kitten petting (reward for working so hard), and everyone got a chance to drive an old horse drawn cart, with a horse pulling.  Here are some pictures...

So you can see the detailed plan we had for building the corral for the cows.  Then we started, looking good, and then we finished.  Only problem was we were on the inside and the cows were on the outside.  We remedied that and got the harnesses on them, one at a time.  Everyone got a chance to do that.  Finally the reward, kitten in the lap and lamb in the face.  Now isn't that sweet.

We also had a constellation program scheduled, but as you can see in the picture the clouds did not cooperate.  Maybe next time.

So hopefully we won't be so slack from her on out, but summer camp is starting next week.  I will do my best to do some weekly reports.  Make sure to enjoy your summer now that it is here.