Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lake Michie Fishin' Frenzy

So we had a good day of learning how to fish out at Lake Michie.  The weather was cool and overcast, it looked like it could rain throughout the day.  Perhaps that threat of rain scared off a couple of people as we only had two families show up for the event.  So we gave them a little extra attention and made sure they got the best intro to fishing experience possible.  We learned how to safely cast, bait the hook, and then remove fish from the hook.  Yes the fishin' frenzy was on, here are a couple of pictures.

Look at it wiggle!

All told I think we landed 13 fish, many more bites were missed.  There were a lot of full bellies in fish land.  All of the fish were released after a quick picture take.  Our next Fishin' Frenzy will be on Sunday, May 20 from 2-4pm at Lake Michie.  You must preregister.  919-560-4405 (option 6)