Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eno Discovery Summer Camp week 2

First of all, I know that we skipped week 1.  I will get to it later.  The flow is sending me to week 2.  So we had a fun week.  We split up into groups and built rafts and believe it or not they worked.  Of course this being the Eno Discovery Camp, the focus is on the river. 
From frogs...                                                                                     To fishes...

We saw and caught animals in and by the
river.  All fish were released as were all the

Now one thing that keeps a camper going on those long hot
hikes is a nice big wad of Sourwood leaves.
                 When that doesn't work you can always just try sitting in the water.  As you can see the water is clear and low.  Thank goodness we just got some rain.    

Then again maybe the best way to cool off in the
Eno River is to float through the rapids...

   We are in the middle of week 3 of camp and we are having a blast...
In the posts below are some of the shadow puppet shows from the week.  


Eno Discovery Shadow Puppet Shows week 2

Eno Discovery 2011 001 a video by Chris Shepard1 on Flickr.

Here is the second shadow puppet show from week 2.

Eno Discovery Shadow Puppet Show week 2

Eno Discovery 2011 002 a video by Chris Shepard1 on Flickr.

Here is the first of two shadow puppet shows from week 2

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shadow Puppet Show 1

100_1580 a video by Chris Shepard1 on Flickr.

Here is another shadow puppet show from a past Eno Discovery group.

Summer Camp is Here!

Sorry for the lull in updates.  Last week we were busy getting ready for the summer camps and now we are in them full force.  We will be updating weekly about what we have going on at the camps, but so far so good.

Here is a teaser picture from a past year of the Eno Discovery Camp. Too bad that the water level isn't this high right now.  The river seems to be flowing at a July/August level right now.  Unfortunately it looks like it is going to be a hot and dry summer.  Do some rain dances for us, the flora, the fauna, and the ground.  We need it.

Check out our other post for some shadow Puppet Shows that the children did from past summers. 

Shadow Puppet Show from past Eno Discovery Camps

100_1581 a video by Chris Shepard1 on Flickr.
Here is a video from a past Eno Discovery Camp.  Just a preview of the great art we will be creating this summer.  The kids have some great imaginations.