Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eno Discovery - Camp Counselor II position

We are hiring someone to work with Chris and I this summer at camp. There are a few things you should know before you scroll to the job post:

1) You must be willing to have fun even in hot and humid weather knowing that from 8:30am-5pm you will not be anywhere near air conditioning

2) Enjoy working with children ages 5-12.

3) And of course...Enjoy nature!!!

The summer staff will assist with hands-on activities, nature games, and nature art activities.  Most of the camp time is spent outdoors with some water time in the river.  The rate of pay for this postion is $9.10/hr
§  Must be at least twenty (20) years of age and have a high School Diploma or GED and a minimum of two (2) years experience working with youth in a Recreation or Physical Education setting.
§  Must have a minimum of six (6) months prior supervisory experience.
§  Valid NC Class "C" Driver's License required.
§  Applicants must have or be able to obtain American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED for the Workplace : Standard First Aid with CPR/AED - Adult plus Child and Infant CPR certifications within thirty (30) days of hire. (DPR will provide training).
§  Applicant must positively pass pre-employment drug screen, physical examination and background check.
If you are interested in this position please go to this site and fill out the summer camp application.  Applications can be emailed directly to the City of Durham. See link at the site

Individuals selected for conditional offers of employment must pass the City of Durham physical examination including drug and alcohol testing. A driver's history check is conducted for applicants applying for jobs requiring a valid North Carolina Driver's License and/or CDL. "This Agency Seeks Diversity in the Workplace". The City of Durham is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It was a good weekend

Hi all! The weekend was a busy one, but wonderful! We had a full night hike on Friday night. We heard the sounds of the Pickeral frogs, the Upland Chorus frogs and the Spring Peepers. This group really moved quickly, becuase we were able to make it all the way to Sennet's Hole, hang there for a bit, and make it back by 10pm. The night was not as chilly as I would have expected it and it was brighter then I thought it would be (I think we had some light pollution to thank for that). Thanks to everyone for being there.

The T.I.N. (Teens in Nature) group did a great job this weekend. First we went to the Durham's Farmers Market to check out the scence. A few teens had never been there, so it was a great expereince for them to see. Then we headed out to St. Phillips Community Garden where the teens worked hard and straight for two hours. The St.Phillips Community garden is going to installing a pollination garden design by Harvest in the City. That is what the teens started on this weekend. Since there was a lot to do to ready the garden bed, we were only able to get one fig tree planted. Even so, they did an incredible job.  

Here are the kids at The Scrap Exchange . We volunteered here after the garden. For the first hour we processed matieral for their big material sale. Then we headed over to King's Sandwich shop where lunch donated to us..... and it was delcious!!! Thanks so much!!!! After lunch we came back and made a sign for The Scrap Exchange to use for events. Here is the sign we made. It was a good weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Programs and frogs

Even though the weather is not looking its best, we still have an exciting weekend planned.

Tonight, Friday, we have FULL Night Hike program. We will listen to the sounds of the forest, especially the frogs that are abound, if they haven't gone back under the mud because of the cold : )

Tomorrow the Teens in Nature (T.I.N.) group will volunteer with Durham's own USDA People's Garden, St. Phillips Community Garden. Then we will head to the The Scrap Exchange where we will help process material. Historic King's Sandwich Shop has graciously donated lunch to us too. Here is a great clip from Bull City Rising about the history of the shop:

Lastly on Sunday, from 2pm-4pm there will an Nature Art program. You can experience the the beauty of nature through art. See and explore colors, shapes, and patterns that make the natural world so beautiful. If you have a favorite sketch pad or colored pencils, please bring it with you.

As for our friendly frogs, the ones that you will be hearing around this time of year are the Pickeral frogs. They sounds like they are snoring. Then there are the Upland Chorus frogs and Spring Peppers. The Upland Chorus frogs can be heard here:
And the Spring Peepers sounds like this:

Another great place to hear the different calls as well as learn about amphibians and reptiles in North Carolina is  Get out and enjoy the weekend.

Enjoy the sounds of nature!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Camp Registration

So it's that time of the year, summer camp registration starts this Saturday, March 19th, from 9am-1pm at West Point on the Eno Park.  We will be registering campers for our Eno Discovery full day summer camp.

Camp will be split by age groups again. 
5-8 year olds: June 13-17, June 27-July 1, July 11-15, July 25-29
9-12 year olds: June 20-24, July 5-8, July 18-22, August 1-5
The cost for the camp is $132 for city residents and $152 for non city residents.  If you have a Playmore Card you will get a discount. 

If you cannot make it to registration on Saturday, registration will continue on M-F at either West Point or the main Parks and Recreation office.  If you would like to register here at West Point contact us to set up a time to meet, since we are off at programs sometimes.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A beautiful weekend

It was a beautiful weekend in Durham. And out at West Point on the Eno Park we hunted for mushrooms, tracked some animals and went out to NCSU Hill Forest with the Teens in Nature group to learn about forest management.

Here is a picture of one of the mushrooms we found. Do you know what it is?

A puffball!!!
Here are some of the tracks and scat that Chris saw with this group, do you know what they are?

A white tail deer
This Saturday, March 19th at 9am till 1pm is Eno Discovery Camp registration.
Camp is for ages 5-8 is on: June 13-17, June 27-July 1, July 11-15 and July 25-29.
Camp for ages 9-12 is on: June 20-24, July 5-8, July 18-22 and July 1-5.
Also, don't forget that we have interession camp at Leigh Farm Park from April 4-8 and then at West Point on the Eno Park from April 11-15. It is a 1/2 day camp from 8am-1pm. Sign up soon!!!!
If you have question don't hesitate to call the environmental eduation office at West Point on the Eno Park at 919-471-1623, option 2. Ask for Chris or Jessica!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teens in Nature at the Duke Lemur Center

It has been way to long since our last post, I aplogize.

On February 12th, the Teens in Nature group went to the Duke Lemur Center. They took an extensive educational tour of the facility, did some volunteer work and got to go behind the scence to watch some aye ayes during feeding time.

The day started out with a tour

After that we had lunch in the movie room where one of our partipants bought a pair of fuzzy ears and tails to dress up like a Lemur!

We then met up with Erin at the center who directed us through our volunteer activities. First, the teens took apart all the pieces of old outdoor Lemur cages. Working as teams, they completed their task safely while still having a blast.

Then we headed over to an area of decomposing logs that needed to be moved to an empty cage. These logs are for the aye ayes to use because they dig out critters with their third LONG finger.

Here is Avi hard at work - - - HEY BEN WHATCHA DOING??? : )

This task was completed very quickly which let enough time for some