Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teens in Nature

So we have had our second Teens in Nature program and this time we went to work at the Duke Lemur Center.  We learned some about lemurs and what they do at the Lemur Center...

We worked in the cages cleaning and prepping for the lemurs...
We gathered aged logs to be put into cages for the lemurs to use...

And of course we saw...
This was a great learning oportunity for the teens and we provided
volunteer labor for the Lemur Center.  We would like to thank the
Duke Lemur Center for having us and letting us help them out.  If
you want to check out the Lemur Center yourself here is the website


Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm, warmer, warmest...

Well we hope that everyone is getting outside and taking advantage of this warm weather.  Today is shorts weather and it feels great.  We are really busy with a lot of different projects going on.  Jessica is working on getting the gardens in at the recreation centers, we are working on getting some new and big ideas going in the garden area at West Point Park. 

We had a great teen program the past weekend and we will put out a post on it in the new week. Have a great weekend and get outside and enjoy the spring conditions, even if it isn't spring. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teens in Nature/Warmer Weather...

Sorry everyone, we have gone sleepy time on the blog.  The mid-winter doldrums have got us.  We do have a lot going on. 

So on January 29, we had our first Teens In Nature program.  We welcomed 8 teens into our world of working in the natural world.  We did some get to know you activities, broke up into 2 groups and went on photo scavenger hunts, and had lunch donated to us by El Cuscatelco across the street next to Kroger.  That was a fun day and a feast all in one, thanks El Cuscateleco. 

a woodpecker
Here are some of the things that we found on the scavenger hunt:                          
someones name in nature

    scat and tracks of the same animal...

finally something ugly in the woods,
we found it off trail.
did i post this on the day of the big game?
we have to have some fun right?

All in all this was a fun day.  Now what we are waiting for is this warm spell that is coming our way.  Jessica has gotten over a $1,000 worth of seed donations from Ferry Morse, Johnny's Select Seeds, and Annie's Heirloom Seeds.  We are so grateful to these companies for their generosity.  Gardens will start soon here at West Point, Edison Johnson Recreation Center, WD Hill Recreation Center, and Holton Community Center.  Enjoy the snow/cold tonight and tomorrow, because after that a warm-up is coming!